Poultry Farming

Our poultry farming includes the rearing and sales of broiler chicken for meat and layer birds for egg production.

You can contact us for bookings for eggs, and chicken meat for your daily consumption or retail sales. Our poultry farms are kept under the best hygienic conditions. You can be guaranteed of maximum satisfaction. A trial will convince you.

Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming is the way to go when seeking a farming practice not affected by seasons and weather condition. It is affordable and economically and financially reasonable.

We grow mainly tomatoes (beef and cherry varieties) in our greenhouses, but we also grow many other vegetables including pepper, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, other leafy greens, micro greens and herbs.

Our years of experience growing in greenhouses put us in a better position to advice and consult for you

Crop Farming

crop farmingOur crop farming cuts across several categories of open field farming.

We engage in the farming of grains, cash crops, legumes etc. Through the planting of hybrid and foundation seeds, we are able to attain a high yield in our open field farming which produces maximum profit for us. You can book for your seeds and get free consultancy.

Fish Farming

Fish FarmingOur fish farming is done under maximum hygienic condition. We are professionals in hatchery, grow out and processing methods. Our method of operation guarantees maximum profit leaving our clients and customers wanting for more.